CUORE-0 results and prospects for the CUORE experiment
Cremonesi, O; Artusa, DR; Avignone, FT; Azzolini, O; Balata, M; Banks, TI; Bari, G; Beeman, J; Bellini, F; Bersani, A; Biassoni, M; Brofferio, C; Bucci, C; Camacho, A; Caminata, A; Canonica, L; Cao, X; Capelli, S; Cappelli, L; Carbone, L; Cardani, L; Casali, N; Cassina, L; Chiesa, D; Chott, N; Clemenza, M; Copello, S; Cosmelli, C; Creswick, RJ; Dafinei, I; Dally, A; Datskov, V; Dell'Oro, S; Deninno, MM; Di Domizio, S; di Vacri, ML; Drobizhev, A; Ejzak, L; Fang, DQ; Farach, HA; Faverzani, M; Fernandes, G; Ferri, E; Ferroni, F; Fiorini, E; Franceschi, MA; Freedman, SJ; Fujikawa, BK; Giachero, A; Gironi, L; Giuliani, A; Gorla, P; Gotti, C; Gutierrez, TD; Haller, EE; Han, K; Heeger, KM; Hennings-Yeomans, R; Hickerson, KP; Huang, HZ; Kadel, R; Keppel, G; Kolomensky, YG; Li, YL; Ligi, C; Lim, KE; Liu, X; Ma, YG; Maiano, C; Maino, M; Martinez, M; Maruyama, RH; Mei, Y; Moggi, N; Morganti, S; Napolitano, T; Nastasi, M; Nisi, S; Nones, C; Norman, EB; Nucciotti, A; O'Donnell, T; Orio, F; Orlandi, D; Ouellet, JL; Pagliarone, CE; Pallavicini, M; Palmieri, V; Pattavina, L; Pavan, M; Pedretti, M; Pessina, G; Pettinacci, V; Piperno, G; Pira, C; Pirro, S; Pozzi, S; Previtali, E; Rosenfeld, C; Rusconi, C; Sala, E; Sangiorgio, S; Scielzo, ND; Sisti, M; Smith, AR; Taffarello, L; Tenconi, M; Terranova, F; Tomei, C; Trentalange, S; Ventura, G; Vignati, M; Wang, BS; Wang, HW; Wielgus, L; Wilson, J; Winslow, LA; Wise, T; Woodcraft, A; Zanotti, L; Zarra, C; Zhang, GQ; Zhu, BX; Zucchelli, S; Cremonesi, O (reprint author), Ist Nazl Fis Nucl, Sez Milano Bicocca, I-20126 Milan, Italy.
会议名称26th International Conference on Neutrino Physics and Astrophysics (Neutrino)
会议日期JAN 02-07, 2014
会议地点Boston Univ, Boston, MA
摘要With 741 kg of TeO2 crystals and an excellent energy resolution of 5 keV (0.2%) at the region of interest, the CUORE (Cryogenic Underground Observatory for Rare Events) experiment aims at searching for neutrinoless double beta decay of Te-130 with unprecedented sensitivity. Expected to start data taking in 2015, CUORE is currently in an advanced construction phase at LNGS. CUORE projected neutrinoless double beta decay half-life sensitivity is 1.6 x 10(26) y at 1 sigma (9.5 x 10(25) y at the 90 % confidence level), in five years of live time, corresponding to an upper limit on the effective Majorana mass in the range 40-100 meV (50-130 meV). Further background rejection with auxiliary bolometric detectors could improve CUORE sensitivity and competitiveness of bolometric detectors towards a full analysis of the inverted neutrino mass hierarchy. CUORE-0 was built to test and demonstrate the performance of the upcoming CUORE experiment. It consists of a single CUORE tower (52 TeO2 bolometers of 750 g each, arranged in a 13 floor structure) constructed strictly following CUORE recipes both for materials and assembly procedures. An experiment its own, CUORE-0 is expected to reach a sensitivity to the beta beta(0 nu) half-life of Te-130 around 3 x 10(24) y in one year of live time. We present an update of the data, corresponding to an exposure of 18.1 kg y. An analysis of the background indicates that the CUORE performance goal is satisfied while the sensitivity goal is within reach.
关键词Radioactive Contamination Rare Events Bolometers Validation Detectors Cuoricino Neutron Signals
通讯作者Cremonesi, O (reprint author), Ist Nazl Fis Nucl, Sez Milano Bicocca, I-20126 Milan, Italy.
GB/T 7714
Cremonesi, O,Artusa, DR,Avignone, FT,et al. CUORE-0 results and prospects for the CUORE experiment[C],2015.
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