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Selectivity Regulation in Au-Catalyzed Nitroaromatic Hydrogenation by Anchoring Single-Site Metal Oxide Promoters 期刊论文
ACS CATALYSIS, 2020, 卷号: 10, 期号: 4, 页码: 2837-2844
Authors:  Zhao, JX;  Chen, CQ;  Xing, CH;  Jiao, ZF;  Yu, MT;  Mei, BB;  Yang, J;  Zhang, BY;  Jiang, Z;  Qin, Y
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In situ tuning of electronic structure of catalysts using controllable hydrogen spillover for enhanced selectivity 期刊论文
NATURE COMMUNICATIONS, 2020, 卷号: 11, 期号: 1, 页码: -
Authors:  Xiong, M;  Gao, Z;  Zhao, P;  Wang, GF;  Yan, WJ;  Xing, SF;  Wang, PF;  Ma, JY;  Jiang, Z;  Liu, XC;  Ma, JP;  Xu, J;  Qin, Y
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Designable ultra-smooth ultra-thin solid-electrolyte interphases of three alkali metal anodes 期刊论文
NATURE COMMUNICATIONS, 2018, 卷号: 9, 页码: -
Authors:  Gu, Y;  Wang, WW;  Li, YJ;  Wu, QH;  Tang, S;  Yan, JW;  Zheng, MS;  Wu, DY;  Fan, CH;  Hu, WQ;  Chen, ZB;  Fang, Y;  Zhang, QH;  Dong, QF;  Mao, BW
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Atomic-force Microscopy  Superoxide Nao2 Battery  Polar Aprotic Systems  Li-ion Batteries  Rechargeable Batteries  Double-layer  Lithium  Liquid  Deposition  Surface  
Band Offsets and Interfacial Properties of HfAlO Gate Dielectric Grown on InP by Atomic Layer Deposition 期刊论文
Authors:  Yang, LF;  Wang, T;  Zou, Y;  Lu, HL
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Band Alignments  Hfalo Dielectric  Inp  Atomic Layer Deposition  
ALD-coated ultrathin Al2O3 film on BiVO4 nanoparticles for efficient PEC water splitting 期刊论文
NUCLEAR SCIENCE AND TECHNIQUES, 2016, 卷号: 27, 期号: 5, 页码: -
Authors:  Chang, GL;  Wang, DG;  Zhang, YY;  Aldalbahi, A;  Wang, LH;  Li, Q;  Wang, K;  Wang, K (reprint author), Chinese Acad Sci, CAS Key Lab Interfacial Phys & Technol, Shanghai Synchrotron Radiat Facil, Shanghai Inst Appl Phys,Div Phys Biol, Shanghai 201800, Peoples R China.;  Wang, K (reprint author), Chinese Acad Sci, CAS Key Lab Interfacial Phys & Technol, Shanghai Synchrotron Radiat Facil, Shanghai Inst Appl Phys,Bioimaging Ctr, Shanghai 201800, Peoples R China.
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Ultrathin Al2o3 Overlayer  Photoelectrochemical Water Splitting  Surface State  Atomic Layer Deposition  
Remarkable improvement in microwave absorption by cloaking a micro-scaled tetrapod hollow with helical carbon nanofibers 期刊论文
PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY CHEMICAL PHYSICS, 2015, 卷号: 17, 期号: 5, 页码: 3024—3031
Authors:  Jian, X;  Chen, XN;  Zhou, ZW;  Li, G;  Jiang, M;  Xu, XL;  Lu, J;  Li, QM;  Wang, Y;  Gou, JH;  Hui, D
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Atomic Layer Deposition  Decomposition  Catalysts  Growth  Copper  Nanoparticles  Nanocoils  Acetylene  Nanostructures  Nanocrystals  
Enhanced light extraction of scintillator using large-area photonic crystal structures fabricated by soft-X-ray interference lithography 期刊论文
APPLIED PHYSICS LETTERS, 2015, 卷号: 106, 期号: 24, 页码: —
Authors:  Zhu, ZC;  Wu, S;  Xue, CF;  Zhao, J;  Wang, LS;  Wu, YQ;  Liu, B;  Cheng, CW;  Gu, M;  Chen, H;  Tai, RZ
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Atomic Layer Deposition  Lyso Scintillator  Nanospheres  Output  
Uniform Doping of Titanium in Hematite Nanorods for Efficient Photoelectrochemical Water Splitting 期刊论文
ACS APPLIED MATERIALS & INTERFACES, 2015, 卷号: 7, 期号: 25, 页码: 14072—14078
Authors:  Wang, DG;  Chen, HC;  Chang, GL;  Lin, X;  Zhang, YY;  Aldalbahi, A;  Peng, C;  Wang, JQ;  Fan, CH;  Aldalbahi, A (reprint author), King Saud Univ, Dept Chem, Riyadh 11451, Saudi Arabia.
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Atomic Layer Deposition  Oxidation  Photoanodes  Oxide  Electrodes  Arrays  Nanostructures  Activation  Nanowires  Dynamics  
Facile synthesis and enhanced luminescent properties of ZnO/HfO2 core-shell nanowires 期刊论文
NANOSCALE, 2015, 卷号: 7, 期号: 37, 页码: 15462—15468
Authors:  Zhang, Y;  Lu, HL;  Wang, T;  Ren, QH;  Gu, YZ;  Li, DH;  Zhang, DW;  Lu, HL (reprint author), Fudan Univ, State Key Lab ASIC & Syst, Inst Adv Nanodevices, Sch Microelect, Shanghai 200433, Peoples R China.
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Atomic Layer Deposition  Sheathed Mgo Nanorods  Near-band-edge  Surface Modification  Zno Nanostructures  Optical-properties  Zinc-oxide  Growth  Arrays  Photoluminescence