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Irradiation resistance study of binderless nanopore-isotropic graphite for use in molten salt nuclear reactors 期刊论文
NUCLEAR ENGINEERING AND DESIGN, 2018, 卷号: 335, 期号: -, 页码: 231-240
Authors:  Liu, M;  Zhang, WT;  Song, JL;  Zhang, HY;  Lian, PF;  Gao, YT;  Zhang, C;  He, ZT;  Liu, ZJ;  Zhao, MW;  Xia, HH;  Liu, XD;  Zhou, XT
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Microstructure and properties of fine-grained isotropic graphite based on mixed fillers for application in molten salt breeder reactor 期刊论文
JOURNAL OF NUCLEAR MATERIALS, 2018, 卷号: 511, 期号: -, 页码: 318-327
Authors:  He, Z;  Lian, PF;  Song, JL;  Zhang, DQ;  Liu, ZJ;  Guo, QG
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Encapsulation of metal-based phase change materials using ceramic shells prepared by spouted bed CVD method 期刊论文
SOLAR ENERGY MATERIALS AND SOLAR CELLS, 2017, 卷号: 170, 期号: -, 页码: 137-142
Authors:  Zhang, F;  Zhong, YJ;  Yang, X;  Lin, J;  Zhu, ZY
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Thermal-energy Storage  Chemical-vapor-deposition  Finite-temperature Properties  Triso Coated Particles  Heat-transfer Analysis  Pyrolytic Carbon  Melting Point  Performance  Expansion  Iron  
Evaluating Young's modulus of porous nuclear graphite by a novel multi-scale method 期刊论文
JOURNAL OF MATERIALS SCIENCE, 2017, 卷号: 52, 期号: 17, 页码: 10959-10971
Authors:  Yang, X;  Tsang, DKL
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Engineering Test Reactor  Thermal-expansion  Grade Graphite  Porosity  Simulation  Element  
An insight into the effects of B-site transition metals on the activity, activation effect and stability of perovskite oxygen electrodes for solid oxide electrolysis cells 期刊论文
JOURNAL OF POWER SOURCES, 2017, 卷号: 363, 期号: -, 页码: 470-479
Authors:  Bi, JX;  Yang, SB;  Zhong, SH;  Wang, JQ;  Fan, C;  Chen, XB;  Liu, YH
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Sr-doped Lamno3  Fuel-cells  Chromium Deposition  Hydrogen-production  O-2 Reduction  Electrical-properties  Quantum-mechanics  Thermal-expansion  Cathode Materials  Crystal-structure  
High-Curie-Temperature Ferromagnetism in (Sc,Fe)F-3 Fluorides and its Dependence on Chemical Valence 期刊论文
ADVANCED MATERIALS, 2015, 卷号: 27, 期号: 31, 页码: 4592—4596
Authors:  Hu, L;  Chen, J;  Fan, LL;  Ren, Y;  Huang, QZ;  Sanson, A;  Jiang, Z;  Zhou, M;  Rong, YC;  Wang, Y;  Deng, JX;  Xing, XR;  Chen, J (reprint author), Univ Sci & Technol Beijing, Dept Phys Chem, Beijing 100083, Peoples R China.
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Thermal-expansion  Room-temperature  Thin-films  Doped Zno  Oxides  Semiconductors  Nanocrystals  Nanowires  Exchange  Fe  
Negative Linear Compressibility in Organic Mineral Ammonium Oxalate Monohydrate with Hydrogen Bonding Wine-Rack Motifs 期刊论文
JOURNAL OF PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY LETTERS, 2015, 卷号: 6, 期号: 14, 页码: 2755—2760
Authors:  Qiao, YC;  Wang, K;  Yuan, HS;  Yang, K;  Zou, B;  Zou, B (reprint author), Jilin Univ, State Key Lab Superhard Mat, Changchun 130012, Peoples R China.
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Thermal-expansion  Phase-transition  High-pressure  Neutron-diffraction  Natural Oxalates  X-ray  Framework  Raman  Spectroscopy  Behavior