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Two measurements of the Na-22+p resonant scattering via thicktarget inverse-kinematics method 会议论文
, Beijing, PEOPLES R CHINA, JUN 24-27, 2015
Authors:  Wang, YB;  Jin, SJ;  Jing, L;  Han, ZY;  Bai, XX;  Guo, B;  Li, YJ;  Li, ZH;  Lian, G;  Su, J;  Sun, LJ;  Yan, SQ;  Zeng, S;  Liu, WP;  Yamaguchi, H;  Kubono, S;  Hu, J;  Kahl, D;  He, JJ;  Wang, JS;  Tang, XD;  Xu, SW;  Ma, P;  Zhang, NT;  Bai, Z;  Huang, MR;  Jia, BL;  Jin, SL;  Ma, JB;  Ma, SB;  Ma, WH;  Yang, YY;  Zhang, LY;  Jung, HS;  Moon, JY;  Lee, CS;  Teranishi, T;  Wang, HW;  Ishiyama, H;  Iwasa, N;  Komatsubara, T;  Brown, BA;
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Ne-e  Nuclear Astrophysics  Presolar Grains  Separator Crib  Beam Line  Novae  Meteorite  Origins  Search  States  
Thickness-Dependent Air-Exposure-Induced Phase Transition of CuPc Ultrathin Films to Well-Ordered One-Dimensional Nanocrystals on Layered Substrates 期刊论文
JOURNAL OF PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY C, 2015, 卷号: 119, 期号: 8, 页码: 4217—4223
Authors:  Zhang, L;  Yang, YG;  Huang, H;  Lyu, L;  Zhang, H;  Cao, NT;  Xie, HP;  Gao, XY;  Niu, DM;  Gao, YL
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Phthalocyanine Thin-films  Scanning-tunneling-microscopy  Oriented Pyrolytic-graphite  Copper-phthalocyanine  Organic Semiconductors  Molecular-orientation  Epitaxial Graphene  Electronic Devices  Optical-properties  Growth  
~(37)Ca β缓发质子发射实验研究 期刊论文
核技术, 2014, 期号: 10, 页码: 47-52
Authors:  孙立杰;  林承键;  徐新星;  王建松;  贾会明;  杨峰;  杨彦云;  杨磊;  包鹏飞;  张焕乔;  金仕纶;  韩建龙;  吴振东;  张宁涛;  陈思泽;  马军兵;  马朋;  马南茹;  刘祖华;  郑垒
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Β缓发质子发射  双面硅条探测器  质子能谱  半衰期  衰变分支比