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Graphene-Based Antibacterial Paper Hu, WB 1491
Preparation of high-stable silver nanoparticle dispersion by using sodium alginate.. Liu, YS 1435
High-yield synthesis of dimethyl carbonate from urea and methanol using a catalyti.. Wang, MH(王谋华) 1054
Investigation of PVA/ws-chitosan hydrogels prepared by combined gamma-irradiation .. Yang, XM(杨小敏) 990
Dielectric response in ferroelectric BaTiO3 Wan, F 949
Single spin asymmetry AN in polarized proton-proton elastic scattering at root s=2.. Adamczyk, L. 938
Electrochemical DNA Biosensor Based on a Tetrahedral Nanostructure Probe for the D.. Dong, SB 934
A Graphene Nanoprobe for Rapid, Sensitive, and Multicolor Fluorescent DNA Analysis He, SJ(何世江) 882
A gold nanoparticle-based chronocoulometric DNA sensor for amplified detection of .. Zhang, J 830
Reconfigurable Three-Dimensional DNA Nanostructures for the Construction of Intrac.. Pei, H(裴昊) 794
Characteristics of element concentration of daytime and nighttime PM(2.5) in the s.. Lin, J(林俊) 779
Liquid-to-Solid Phase Transition of a 1,3-Dimethylimidazolium Chloride Ionic Liqui.. Sha, ML(沙茂林) 773
Preparation of microporous poly(vinylidene fluoride) membranes via phase inversion.. Huang, SR 762
论卤盐养生(5) 秦俊法 761
上海光源快速轨道反馈系统 殷重先 734
In vitro anticoagulant activity of polyanionic graft chains modified poly(vinyl al.. Li, R 711
Storage stability and compatibility of asphalt binder modified by SBS graft copoly.. Fu, HY(付海英) 710
Photo and pH Stable, Highly-Luminescent Silicon Nanospheres and Their Bioconjugate.. He, Y 678
同步辐射技术在锂离子电池研究中的应用 龚正良 671
上海光源储存环横向反馈系统模拟计算(英文) 姜伯承 665
氧化石墨烯的应用 米丽娟 662
Enhanced arsenite removal from water by Ti(SO4)(2) coagulation Sun, Yuankui 657
Digital Microfluidic Chip for Rapid Portable Detection of Mercury(II) Gao, Anran 651
Sulfonated poly(ether ether ketone) membranes for direct methanol fuel cell Li, L(李磊) 631
Structural changes of cassava starch granules hydrolyzed by a mixture of alpha-amy.. Chen, Youshuang 624
Blood lead: Its effect on trace element levels and iron structure in hemoglobin Jin, C 621
一种基于智能卡的人脸识别系统及其方法 敖新宇 582
Taleyarkhan等人是否测到了热核中子 艾小白 571
DNA折纸术研究进展 付衍明 569
Cytotoxicity and wound healing properties of PVA/ws-chitosan/glycerol hydrogels ma.. Yang, XM 568
A target-responsive electrochemical aptamer switch (TREAS) for reagentless detecti.. Zuo, XL 563
A gold nanoparticle-based aptamer target binding readout for ATP assay Wang, J 559
Acceleration of alpha-synuclein aggregation by homologous peptides Du, HN 547
DNA纳米技术与生物医学研究 李江 546
In Situ Formation of Disorder-Engineered TiO2(B)-Anatase Heterophase Junction for .. Cai, JM 541
Evolution of dislocation loops in He ion irradiated nickel under different tempera.. Chen, HC 538
gamma-radiation effect on ionic liquid [bmim][BF4] Qi, MY 537
High-pressure X-ray diffraction and Raman spectroscopy of CaFe2O4-type beta-CaCr2O.. Zhai, SM 532
一种实用的高精度ADC测试方法 柯新花 529
A simplified edge illumination set-up for quantitative phase contrast mammography .. Longo, M 525
DL-[7-~3H]-去甲肾上腺素酒石酸盐贮存条件的研究 刘景芝 514
大气气溶胶粒径分布特征与气象条件的相关性分析 林俊 491
Designed Diblock Oligonucleotide for the Synthesis of Spatially Isolated and Highl.. Pei, H 486
高精度中频数字鉴相器在FPGA上的实现 刘晓庆 478
Preparation, characterization and antibacterial activity of chitosan-Ca3V10O28 com.. Chen, SP 472
Radiation effects on styrene-butadiene-styrene copolymer Zhang, Y 464
Tribological properties of radiation cross-linked polytetrafluoroethylene sheets Tang, ZF 460
Counter electrode materials combined with redox couples in dye- and quantum dot-se.. Wu, MX 460
Functional nanoprobes for ultrasensitive detection of biomolecules Song, SP(宋世平) 458
Ordering layers of [bmim][PF(6)] ionic liquid on graphite surfaces: Molecular dyna.. Sha, ML(沙茂林) 448
Terahertz spectra of L-phenylalanine and its monohydrate Pan, TT 447
关于保障我国同位素供应安全的考虑 汪勇先 438
A Robust Polyionized Hydrogel with an Unprecedented Underwater Anti-Crude-Oil-Adhe.. Gao, SJ 436
DNA单分子的纳米定位切割与拾取研究 吕军鸿 434
Direct Three-Dimensional Imaging of the Buried Interfaces between Water and Superh.. Luo, C 425
Silicon nanostructures for bioapplications He, Y 423
Electronic structure of In2O3 nanowires synthesized at low temperature Yuan Gang 416
Single-Layer MoS2-Based Nanoprobes for Homogeneous Detection of Biomolecules Zhu, Changfeng 416
Protein Corona-Mediated Mitigation of Cytotoxicity of Graphene Oxide Hu, WB 413
溴与其他卤族元素及卤水溴、氯含量与矿化度的相关关系 秦俊法 399
First-principles study of the effect of phosphorus on nickel grain boundary Liu, WG 396
Transition of ionic liquid [bmim][PF6] from liquid to high-melting-point crystal w.. Chen, SM(陈仕谋) 391
Design, fabrication and first beam tests of the C-band RF acceleration unit at SIN.. Fang, WC 389
Ultra-strong gel-spun ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene fibers filled with .. An, MF 386
A detection system for charged-particle decay studies with a continuous-implantati.. Sun, LJ 385
二氧化硅粒径对酸性硅溶胶稳定性的影响 许念强,顾建祥,罗康,郑松保 380
Effect of oxygen on the corrosion of SiC in LiF-NaF-KF molten salt Yang, XM 380
In situ synchrotron small- and wide-angle X-ray study on the structural evolution .. Li, XY 380
Preparation of microcellular cross-linked polyethylene foams by a radiation and su.. Xing, Z 373
Nanobubbles on solid surface imaged by atomic force microscopy Lou, ST(楼柿涛) 373
Highly Sensitive Electrochemical Sensor for Mercury(II) Ions by Using a Mercury-Sp.. Zhu, ZQ 371
中国的百岁老人研究Ⅲ.百岁老人聚居区——中国长寿之乡的成因和评定 秦俊法 366
Investigation of the elemental distribution in iliac crests of female New Zealand .. Zhang, YX(张元勋) 364
Novel core-shell structure polyacrylamide-coated magnetic nanoparticles synthesize.. Sun, HW(孙汉文) 363
Optical detection of mercury(II) in aqueous solutions by using conjugated polymers.. Liu, XF 363
Image study of pectin extraction from orange skin assisted by microwave Liu, ZD 359
固态钍基熔盐堆中~(14)C的产生及释放探讨 朱兴望 358
Antioxidant activity of lycopene extracted from tomato paste towards trichlorometh.. Zhao, YP 355
Phytotoxicity and biotransformation of La2O3 nanoparticles in a terrestrial plant .. Ma Y 352
未来先进核裂变能——TMSR核能系统 江绵恒 338
Characterization of PM2.5 in the ambient air of Shanghai city by analyzing individ.. Yue, WS(岳伟胜) 336
头发元素分析的科学意义及医学应用价值 秦俊法,李增禧,楼蔓藤,梁东东,潘伟清 328
碳纳米管的表面修饰及FTIR,Raman和XPS光谱表征 吴小利,岳涛,陆荣荣,朱德彰,朱志远 324
Effects of PVA, agar contents, and irradiation doses on properties of PVA/ws-chito.. Yang, XM 323
长寿之乡——江苏如皋微量元素环境调查 陈树榆 322
Preparation of open cellular PMMA microspheres by supercritical carbon dioxide foa.. Huang, SR 319
Growth and spectral characterization of beta-Ga(2)O(3) single crystals Zhang, JG 307
An electrochemical sensor for pesticide assays based on carbon nanotube-enhanced a.. Chen, HD 306
Degassing and temperature effects on the formation of nanobubbles at the mica/wate.. Zhang, XH 306
Electrochemically controlled formation and growth of hydrogen nanobubbles Zhang, LJ(张丽娟) 305
Characterization and source identification of fine particulate matter in the atmos.. Waheed, A 304
Stabilization of alpha-chymotrypsin by covalent immobilization on amine-functional.. Hong, J(洪军) 302
Self-Catalyzed, Self-Limiting Growth of Glucose Oxidase-Mimicking Gold Nanoparticl.. Luo, WJ 300
Radiation degradation of Congo Red in aqueous solution Ma, HJ(马红娟) 297
Antifouling microfiltration membranes prepared from acrylic acid or methacrylic ac.. Deng, B 296
Improved enzyme immobilization for enhanced bioelectrocatalytic activity of glucos.. Wang, YT 296
Distribution and biocompatibility studies of graphene oxide in mice after intraven.. Zhang, XY 293
Self-Assembled Multivalent DNA Nanostructures for Noninvasive Intracellular Delive.. Li, J 284
Ultra-light, compressible and fire-resistant graphene aerogel as a highly efficien.. Li, JH 283
Modeling the rupture of a capillary liquid bridge between a sphere and plane Yang, L 274
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中国的泥土疗法:治病篇(一) 秦俊法 10
Introducing catalyst in alkaline membrane for improved performance direct borohydr.. Qin, HY 10
上海光源工程储存环隧道恒温空调设计 寿炜炜 7
烟草烟雾对室内空气颗粒物浓度的影响 吴伟伟 6
双功能偶联剂5-(三正丁基锡)-3-吡啶甲酸-N-琥珀酰亚胺酯的优化合成及其碘标记 刘秀青 6
12位4通道并行串行模数转换芯片ADS7824的原理及应用 梁亚林 6
L-脯-L-亮-甘氨酰胺(PLG)的离子束氚标记及其在鼠脑内的分布 俞斌伟 6
碘-125标记皮质醇放射免疫试剂盒(双抗体法)的研制 周桢堂 6
碘代脱氧尿嘧啶核苷(~(125)I)的瘤摄取与给药方法的关系 孙祺薰 6
团簇分子(Na_n)_2的碰撞动力学研究 王锋 6
岩性密度测井仪的研制 方建国 6
中国的泥土疗法:美容篇(Ⅰ) 秦俊法 6
DNA折纸术纳米反应器 贾思思 6
Ion sieving in graphene oxide membranes via cationic control of interlayer spacing Chen, L 6
Graphene-Based Antibacterial Paper Hu, WB 5
A gold nanoparticle-based aptamer target binding readout for ATP assay Wang, J 5
Structural change of carbon nanotubes produced by Si ion beam irradiation Ni, ZC(倪志春) 5
北京同步辐射软X射线偏振测量装置及其应用 崔明启 5
类胡萝卜素与二氧化氮自由基(NO_2~·)的反应 赵文恩 5
无电压传感器双回路DC/DC变换器设计与仿真 王东兴,张泽龙,亓迎川 5
磁性纳米微粒的~(188)Re标记 曹金全 5
电子枪束流截面测量系统 姜海峰,朱希恺,黄建鸣,叶伯年,黄漫莉 5
富勒醇对~(60)Coγ射线致小鼠损伤的防护作用 蔡小青 5
~(123)I标记侧链脂肪酸BMIPP的研制 周桢堂 5
HBMPPT-DOSO-甲苯体系对铀(Ⅵ)的萃取及铀(Ⅵ)、钍(Ⅳ)之间的分离 余绍宁 5
等离子体噻吩聚合膜的研究及I~+注入的掺杂效应 童志深 5
脉冲中子多参数能谱测井仪的地面数据获取系统 陈永忠 5
免疫放疗制剂~(35)S-MAbSZ39在荷瘤鼠体内药代动力学研究 兰青 5
炔诺酮肟(NETO)与炔诺酮(NET)在猴体内的药代动力学 傅官铭 5
铷的生物必需性及人体健康效应 秦俊法 5
生物大分子氚标记——光敏诱导氚氢同位素交换反应 庄道玲 5
用~2H-苯丙氨酸示踪和GC-MS分析技术测定人体内苯丙氨酸-4-羟化酶活力 戴腾昌 5
用穆斯堡尔效应研究铁硅化合物的形成过程 申作成 5
Pulmonary Epithelial CCR3 Promotes LPS-Induced Lung Inflammation by Mediating Rele.. Li, B(李波) 5
Silicon-Nanowire-Based CMOS-Compatible Field-Effect Transistor Nanosensors for Ult.. Gao, AR 5
双重密封法兰研制及其密封性能 张钦华 5
火球菌 8-氧鸟嘌呤 DNA 糖苷酶基因克隆、表达纯化和酶学性质研究 周欢 杨敏 陈亚星 刘亚辉 孙丽华 徐春艳 郁峰 何建华* 5
Effects of Si Addition and Long-Term Thermal Exposure on the Tensile Properties of.. Xu, ZF 5
Multicolor Gold Silver Nano-Mushrooms as Ready-to-Use SERS Probes for Ultrasensiti.. Su, J 5
Observation of beta-delayed two-proton emission in the decay of Si-22 Xu, XX 5
Xantphos doped Rh/POPs-PPh3 catalyst for highly selective long-chain olefins hydro.. Li, CY 5
Detection of Amino Acids Based on Terahertz Spectroscopy Tang, ZF(唐忠锋) 4
Modeling the rupture of a capillary liquid bridge between a sphere and plane Yang, L 4
Multi-functional crosslinked Au nanoaggregates for the amplified optical DNA detec.. Li, J 4
有潜力的PET脑肿瘤显像剂——~(18)F标记的氨基酸药物 李俊玲,张岚,张秀利,汪勇先 4
Highly (111)-textured diamond film growth with high nucleation density Yang, SM 4
Growth and spectral characterization of beta-Ga(2)O(3) single crystals Zhang, JG 4
ICP-MS法研究3nm TiO_2的小鼠体内分布 殷吉磊 4
EPICS环境下的LINAC控制系统 丁建国 4
Systematic behavior of isospin effect in fragmentation reactions Fang, DQ(方德清) 4
γ射线共辐照接枝聚偏氟乙烯超滤膜表面亲水性研究 李晓 4
中国的百岁老人研究Ⅲ.百岁老人聚居区——中国长寿之乡的成因和评定 秦俊法 4
碳纳米管的表面修饰及FTIR,Raman和XPS光谱表征 吴小利,岳涛,陆荣荣,朱德彰,朱志远 4
白细胞介素-6对荷瘤小鼠正常组织的辐射保护效应 刘永彪 4
辐射交联高分子材料产业化的进展 张聪 4
镉的人体健康效应 秦俊法,李增禧 4
活性艳蓝染料KNR的辐照降解研究 王敏,杨睿媛,王文锋,边绍伟,沈忠群 4
Structural changes of cassava starch granules hydrolyzed by a mixture of alpha-amy.. Chen, Youshuang 4
Direct evidence of positron trapping at polar groups in a polymer-blend system Nagai, Y 4
~(188)Re诱发人离体外周血淋巴细胞染色体畸变的初步研究 董墨 4
耐温150℃的辐射交联阻燃聚烯烃热收缩材料 张聪 4
一种聚偏氟乙烯接枝甲基丙烯酸缩水甘油酯的方法 王敏 4
SCORPIO-2104多道分析器-计算机系统软件扩展方法 姚则悟 4
TrpH—TryOH肽链中电子的逆向转移 汪志勇 4
Vitamin K脉冲辐解与激光光解的研究(Ⅱ)——VK_3水溶液氧化反应时间分辨的研究 陈家富 4
产生在夸克-胶子等离子体中的中等质量双轻子的增强(英文) 贺泽君 4
萃取法制备无载体~(68)Ge的工艺研究 曹本红 4
氘水诱发人体外周血淋巴细胞体外培养染色体畸变 周桢堂 4
对-甲基杯[4]芳烃激光光解的研究 冯文 4
二硝酸二(N-月桂酰吡咯烷)合铀酰配合物的合成和结构 韩景田 4
高剂量铂和钇离子注入Al_2O_3单晶的表面改性 谢东珠 4
固态裂变室 姚则悟 4
化学凝固法对铬渣解毒处理研究 龚道 4
环氧封接铍窗正比计数管的寿命 徐君权 4
回旋加速器的高效磁屏蔽通道研制 赵小风 4
基于质子微探针研究的大气气溶胶单颗粒源解析 仇志军 4
利用扰动角关联方法研究络合物中钼的氧化态及其配位体 汪勇先 4
裂变延迟与可能发自超重系统的GDR γ射线 王建松 4
氯化亚铊(~(201)Tl)注射液和~(203)Pb水溶液中杂质元素的ICP-AES法分析 黄宗枝 4
扫描质子探针在微量金赋存状态研究中的应用 魏元柏 4
上海市80岁以上老人发中微量元素谱研究 秦俊法 4
钍-铀燃料后处理中新萃取剂的研究——Ⅳ.N-正辛基己内酰胺对主要裂片元素的萃取及γ辐照.. 沈朝洪 4
胃癌病人恶性组织和非病灶组织中的微量元素对比研究 冯子道 4
相互作用玻色子模型的连续变量解 傅德基 4
用电子湮灭方法测位错密度 王振杰 4
中能重离子核反应同位素分布的统计模型计算 方德清 4
组合离子注入导致非对称耦合双量子阱界面混合效应光调制反射光谱 缪中林 4
组态混合对三轴超形变带的影响 邢正 4
基于原子力显微镜纳米操纵的分子手术 张益 4
上海光源同步辐射空间干涉仪研制 陈杰 4
2维全自动亥姆霍兹线圈磁块测量方法 陈念 4
中国铅污染的调查研究 楼蔓藤 4
A Graphene Nanoprobe for Rapid, Sensitive, and Multicolor Fluorescent DNA Analysis He, SJ(何世江) 4
Visualization of microvasculature by x-ray in-line phase contrast imaging in rat s.. Hu, JZ 4
同步辐射X射线显微成像技术在细胞生物学中的应用 张一 4
永磁体外部磁场的不均匀性研究 何永周 4
Co-axial electrospun polystyrene/polyurethane fibres for oil collection from water.. Lin, Jinyou 4
Mechanical mapping of nanobubbles by PeakForce atomic force microscopy Zhao, Binyu 4
Biodistribution and pulmonary toxicity of intratracheally instilled graphene oxide.. Li, Bo 4
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一种聚偏氟乙烯接枝甲基丙烯酸缩水甘油酯的方法 王敏 4
中国的百岁老人研究Ⅲ.百岁老人聚居区——中国长寿之乡的成因和评定 秦俊法 2
涤纶织物辐射接枝丙烯酸 裴晋昌 2
非晶Ni_(88)P_(12)合金薄膜的AFM和STM研究 杨建树 2
原子核的同位旋对碎裂产物的影响 马余刚 2
PTFE表面辐照改性研究进展 李荣 2
微束分析仪器在金属材料研究中的应用 贾彦彦 2
基于氢研究核石墨中氚的去除 邓珂 2
Diamond-graphite nanorods produced by microwave plasma chemical vapor deposition Rakha, SA 1
有潜力的PET脑肿瘤显像剂——~(18)F标记的氨基酸药物 李俊玲,张岚,张秀利,汪勇先 1
Laser flash photolysis study on antioxidant properties of hydroxycinnamic acid der.. Zhu, HP 1
2003—2007年中国儿童铅中毒率的分析研究——血铅检测结果 秦俊法 1
C_(60)-糖皮质激素荧光特性研究 刘瑞丽 1
不同条件对聚醚砜膜γ辐射接枝甲基丙烯酸接枝率的影响 李晶 1
100MeV电子直线加速器的安装测量 于成浩 1
3-(4-羟基苄基)-8,9-二甲氧基-1,2,3,4-四氢苯并吡喃[3,4-c]吡啶-5-酮的合成 李谷才,尹端沚,夏姣云,汪勇先 1
无电压传感器双回路DC/DC变换器设计与仿真 王东兴,张泽龙,亓迎川 1
4–氯酚的γ射线辐照降解研究 王敏 1
第六届辐射研究与辐射工艺学术年会在西安召开 孙汉文 1
高度定向的碳纳米管阵列的制备 王红波 1
镉的人体健康效应 秦俊法,李增禧 1
甲基橙溶液的辐射降解研究 杨睿媛 1
Hypertriton and light nuclei production at A-production subthreshold energy in hea.. Zhang Song(张松) 1
Improved electrode performance of mesoporous beta-In2S3 microspheres for lithium i.. Li, Guang 1
An investigation of homogeneity within micro-areas of IAEA Urban Dust reference ma.. Zhang, YX(张元勋) 1
Characteristics of Pt/PbZr0.52Ti0.48O3/Pt and Au/PbZr0.52Ti0.48O3/YBa2Cu3O7-delta .. Gao, J 1
超光速运动的过去、现在和未来 艾小白 1
长程面形仪 肖体乔 1
6MV串列静电加速器质谱计的研制和应用研究 程晓伍 1
东太平洋多金属结核及相关因素概述 陈建林 1
高压液相色谱流出物中软β放射性化合物连续测量 周瑞菊 1
海带细胞壁及细胞壁多糖中Sr、Ca、Mg、P分布 陈云弟 1
海带中生命元素的ICP-AES研究 陈云弟 1
回旋加速器快中子治癌装置的研究 崔行天 1
利用扰动角关联方法研究络合物中钼的氧化态及其配位体 汪勇先 1
砷研究的新进展 秦俊法 1
相互作用玻色子模型的连续变量解 傅德基 1
样条函数方法在相对论自洽场理论计算中的应用 张金根 1
用~2H-苯丙氨酸示踪和GC-MS分析技术测定人体内苯丙氨酸-4-羟化酶活力 戴腾昌 1
用RBS和RNR研究表面涂覆CeO_2对Fe-25Cr合金高温氧化的影响 俞方华 1
用萃取液闪α谱分析法测定样品中的钍铀含量 何蔚瑜 1
用电子湮灭方法测位错密度 王振杰 1
质子激发X射线分析测定环境样品中的痕量元素 李民乾 1
Reply to ‘‘Comment on an improved critical angle equation for channeling’’ Li-Ping Zheng 1
电子束辐射交联聚四氟乙烯的结构研究 唐忠锋 1
蠕变镍基单晶高温合金微观结构与界面特征的X射线小角散射研究 孙光爱 1
西藏甲玛铜多金属矿含矿斑岩石英斑晶单个熔融包裹体的成分研究 周云 1
斜入射法检测平面反射镜的面形误差 马春桃 1
中国的泥土疗法:治病篇(一) 秦俊法 1
Nb_3Sn复合超导股线的临界电流密度预测 毛文玉 1
高精度中频数字鉴相器在FPGA上的实现 刘晓庆 1
基于示波器嵌入式IOC技术的逐束团位置监测系统研制 张宁 1
沼泽红假单胞菌砷(Ⅲ)S-腺苷甲基转移酶的初步晶体学分析 黄麟飞 1
An Electrochemically Actuated Reversible DNA Switch Yang, Y 1
Designed Diblock Oligonucleotide for the Synthesis of Spatially Isolated and Highl.. Pei, H 1
Regulation of Magnetic Behavior and Electronic Configuration in Mn-Doped ZnO Nanor.. Zhang, LJ(张丽娟) 1
BEPCⅡ直线加速结构的整管RF特性计算 裴士伦 1
Development of electrochemical immunosensors towards point of care diagnostics Wan, Ying 1
Dijet asymmetry in Pb plus Pb collisions at root s(NN)=2.76 TeV within a multiphas.. Ma, Guo-Liang(马国亮) 1
Water Transport through Carbon Nanotubes with the Radial Breathing Mode Zhang, Qi-Lin 1
Characteristics and chemical compositions of particulate matter collected at the s.. Guo, L 1
Effects of pH and polarity on the excited states of norfloxacin and its 4'-N-acety.. Zhang, P 1
Phase Separations in LiFe1-xMnxPO4: A Random Stack Model for Efficient Cathode Mat.. Huang, WF 1
Time-dependent isospin composition of particles emitted in fission events followin.. Wang, RS 1
~(37)Ca β缓发质子发射实验研究 孙立杰 1
DNA折纸术纳米反应器 贾思思 1
FLiBe、FLiNaK在涡流二极管中流动特性的数值模拟 戴悦来 1
X-ray CCD165-SX探测器快速数据采集 柳义 1
文丘里式气泡发生器气泡碎化特性研究 唐文偲 1
酶聚合体电流信号放大多通道电化学免疫传感体系及蛋白肿瘤标志物检测 邓王平 1
Binding-induced collapse of DNA nano-assembly for naked-eye detection of ATP with .. Wang, JJ 1
First-principles calculations of the interaction between hydrogen and 3d alloying .. Liu, WG 1
基于参数筛选和定时查询的报警系统及方法 郭冰 1
Graphene-carbon nanotube aerogel as an ultra-light, compressible and recyclable hi.. Wan, WC 1
Nature of Conduction Band Tailing in Hydrogenated Titanium Dioxide for Photocataly.. Xue, JW 1
Structural and electronic phase transitions of ThS2 from first-principles calculat.. Guo, YL 1
Transverse to longitudinal phase space coupling in an electron beam for suppressio.. Huang, DZ 1
Synthesis of phytic acid-decorated titanate nanotubes for high efficient and high .. Yuan, F 1
The Evidence of Giant Surface Flexoelectric Field in (111) Oriented BiFeO3 Thin Fi.. Yang, TY 1
氟化物熔盐冷冻壁形成工艺研究 周金豪 1
Beam-Energy Dependence of Directed Flow of Lambda, (Lambda)over-bar, K-+/-, K-s(0).. Adamczyk, L 1
Self-Assembly of Enzyme-Like Nanofibrous G-Molecular Hydrogel for Printed Flexible.. Zhong, RB 1
DNA nanostructures coordinate gene silencing in mature plants Zhang, H 1